Do you believe Bernie Sanders' campaign for presidency will be an uphill battle after his win in the New Hampshire primary?

  • Sanders Fight Ahead

    Bernie Sanders has only just begun the battle for the US Presidency. Essentially, Bernie is being smeared by both the Clinton camp and the Republican Party, both of which want the American people to believe that 1) he is a Socialist and 2) that if elected/nominated he will personally dismantle the American government and create a communist state.

  • Yes, Bernie Sanders' win in the New Hampshire primary significantly helps his campaign

    Yes, Sanders' campaign for presidency will be an uphill battle because not a lot of people were expecting him to stand a chance against Hilary Clinton. His win in New Hampshire helped bring his campaign out more into the public limelight and helps fire up his supporters. The race for the Democratic nomination between Clinton and Sanders just got a lot more interesting.

  • Yes, the Bernie Sanders campaign will be an uphill battle following the New Hampshire primary.

    Although Bernie Sanders won the New Hampshire primary, he does not have an easy road ahead of him. Sanders was successful in New Hampshire largely due to the state's large number of independent voters. Once the primaries move to states where party lines are more strictly adhered to, Sanders is going to have a hard time earning Democratic votes from voters who are more likely to vote for Clinton.

  • Bernie is in control

    I really believe that old Bernie Sanders is in the drivers seat and is looking as the favorite to win the democratic nomination. I feel as if Hillary is the one that's in an uphill battle to gain the nomination. Bernie has the momentum and will keep it going as we carry into the heat of the battle.

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