• Anything that moves...

    ... Was fair game for Cosby and there is no reason not to believe her in my opinion. Yes, she's a washed-up has-been with little talent of her own. Yes, it gains her some attention. But the vast majority of that attention, as evidenced right here, is negative -- revealing oneself to be a victim of sexual assault is highly risky.

  • Janice has nothing to gain.

    I believe Janice. I think this is something that has tortured her for a long time and she wants justice, some type of justice, and the truth to be told. I believe her. Janice is a successful business woman in her own right. She has nothing to gain but peace of mind.

  • Too many other victims.

    At first, I didn't believe that Cosby could be guilty of doing something so horrible. But it sounds like there are a lot of other victims coming forward to say that the same thing happened to them. When I heard that he joked about drugging women in a comedy sketch back in the day, I was convinced he did something.

  • It makes no sense....

    For starters, this supposedly happened in 1982, with a promise of appearing on the Cosby show. It wasn't on in 1982. She seems drunk or something on the Nancy grace show, when she couldn't answer something, "more to come" was her routine answer. It also contradicts a previous story. She seems like she wants attention. She seems to be in her own world.

  • Falsely Accused Others

    While I believe the other accusers, I think Janice Dickinson jumped on the band wagon. I've seen her on many reality shows & she has falsely accused others before & had hissy fits, when she wasn't believed. But ... I do think her mental illness makes HER believe what she says. So she has a sad life regardless.

  • She wants publicity

    She's no shrinking violet - if this were true she would have addressed it a long time ago. She's being a drama queen. I don't believe her. I think it's pathetic she's jumping on the bandwagon. Watching her breaking down on TV looks like she is faking it and not credible.

  • Maybe It`s a Made-up

    I don`t know what to believe these days. It`s queer that on a rival show someone blames Bill Cosby of sexual assault and all of a sudden everyone is up and against Bill. For so many years no one ever accused Cosby of anything, even the victim Dickinson, and out of a sudden everyone is sure he is guilty. To me this looks like a made-up.

  • Janice Dickinson accusation

    No I do not believe that Bill Cosby sexually assaulted Janice Dickinson. I believe that she is begging for attention now that she has been replace on Americas Next Top Model and that she is out of the lime light. People will do any thing for attention and for sympathy.

  • No - No way to prove either way.

    I don't believe Bill Cosby sexually assaulted Janice Dickinson. Everyone should be innocent until proven guilty in a court of law. Someone coming out and making allegations should be taken with a piece of salt. Unless Janice Dickinson is willing to stand up in court and testify, Bill Cosby should take action for slander.

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