Do you believe billionaires have invisible influence over our country?

Asked by: Gwen4Jesus
  • DO BILLIONAIRES BUY POLITICIANS? See United States of Koch article

    Koch brothers. Here are 12 things to know about them.

    1. They are the fringe 1 percent: David Koch, 71, and Charles Koch, 75, are each worth about $20 billion. Koch Industries is the second largest privately owned company in the U.S. with annual revenues of $100 billion.

    2. They own practically everything: Based in Wichita, Kansas, they own companies around the world in oil drilling, refining and pipelines; natural gas, chemicals, minerals, fertilizers, fibers and polymers, paper products, commodity and financial trading; timber, cattle ranching; and business development.

    3. Their employees: Last year, they wrote to their employees, some 65,000 in all, telling them which candidates and causes to support and that their jobs could be at risk if the desired results did not obtain.

    4. They back Scott Brown: The Koch pac-dropped $2,5k on Brown in Feb. Previously the Kochs had directed $50k to his campaign. Brown glad-handed David-Koch at a recent MIT event, thanking him for support in his special election win.

    5. Right-from-the-start: The brothers founded the powerful but little-known, starve-government, no-regulations, no-taxes-on-the-wealthy group Americans-For-Prosperity (AFP).

    6. They are already attacking the Court’s health care ruling: The brothers’ AFP began a $9M. TV ad campaign in 12 swing states targeting the Affordable-Care-Act as an Obama-tax, Politico reported.

    7. The Univ of Mass. At Amherst’s Pol. Econ. Research Instit named Koch Ind. One of the top 10 air polluters in the nation. Greenpeace found that they gave tens of millions to lobby against environmental legislation, plus their oil and gas lobbying. A new documentary revealed abnormally high rates of cancer among residents of a small Arkansas town who live near a waste water channel for Georgia-Pacific, a Koch Industries mainstay.

    8. They-are-in-the-climate-change-denial-business: A report by Greenpeace called the company a “kingpin of climate science denial.” They finance many foundations, think tanks, and political front groups that oppose laws about clean energy &wise climate policies. ThinkProgress.Org, an award-winning liberal blog, reported that D. Koch denied the existence of climate change and shrugged when asked if carbon pollution causes global warming.

    9. In 2010, New York Magazine quoted David Koch as saying global warming will be a good thing. He is, after all, in the fertilizer, cattle, and oil “bidness.”

    10. The Wisconsin recall: They invested tens of millions in saving Gov. Scott Walker and state legislators from being recalled. Observers said Wisconsin became “a wholly owned subsidiary of the Koch brothers.” The duo are major backers of ALEC, the Republican state-law-writing and lobbying outfit. One of ALEC’s major victories was Fl’s stand-your-ground law at the heart of the Treyvon Martin case.

    11. Rich and powerful: The Kochs have, for nine years, held invitation-only, a large group of businessmen, including major hedge fund mgrs, the CEO of Bechtel, oil billionaires & others. Their highest priority: the defeat of President Obama.

    12. Govmt: Leaving aside their multi-million $ lobbying to get their way in state capitols, they are also changing the face of Congress.

  • George, Tom, etc...

    Yes I believe socialist, communist billionaires like George and Tom always try to hide their socialist agenda from the American people. They pump millions upon millions of dollars into trying to influence elections, entertainment, education, and public opinion. They always try to hide the fact that the money comes from them. If you use your brain to think about it, stealing my money (time and effort) to support you or others is morally wrong. That's why socialist always try to hide their real beliefs. Charity should be through nonprofit service organizations and individuals, not gov. It is dangerous to give gov. The power to steal from one, to help another.

  • Not believing, knowing

    I know that in America that is the case. In some democrat dominant states, all republican laws are being passed and enforced, i believe that Bill Maher was the one exposing one of the right wing billionaires who are directly responsible for all republican laws that are being passed. This is not a conspiracy or paranoia, this is a proven fact

  • No it isn't invisible.

    For example, Koch Foundations contributed $19 million between 1988 and 1993 to the libertarian Cato Institute and Citizens for a Sound Economy, and with the help of a board officer of the latter organization, helped write and insert a passage in then-Senate Majority Leader Robert Dole’s regulatory reform bill.
    That bill would have essentially nullified a pending $54 million civil lawsuit against Koch Industries brought by the U.S. Justice Department, U.S. Customs and the Environmental Protection Agency for the company’s 300 oil spills in six states. The bill died. In 2000, Koch Industries agreed to pay a $30 million fine to the U.S. government and the state of Texas for “illegally discharged crude oil and petroleum products.”
    Charles Koch inherited much of his money from his daddy, Fred. He's never known what it's like to run a household budget on the minimum wage. Taking wage policy advice from Charles Koch is like taking advice on how to run a neighborhood watch program from George Zimmerman.

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