Do you believe black hole information paradoxes really exist?

  • Yes, there is much paradox in the universe.

    I think that we look up at the night sky and believe that we can find some perspective. But we can not even comprehend our own galaxy, much less the many other galaxies that exist and the presence of energy that is beyond thinking. There is so much paradox within this amazing universe that we will never understand.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe that black hole information paradoxes really exist. This is because everything is true until it has been eliminated by scientific proof. Since the is no real data on black holes, then you have to assume that anything is possible in them until it has been proven otherwise.

  • No information doesn't just disappear like that

    Information does not have any mass. Everything that is sucked into a black hole requires mass. Even light has mass. Information does not have mass, information is non-material and because it is without mass, because all information is ideas, and stuff in our brains, and thus information can not be erased and disappear

  • Information does not just disappear

    Even though I have never heard of the black hole information paradox until this question, I did a little research on it and I do not believe this really does exist. I do not see how information can simply just disappear into a "black hole" so to speak and never exist.

  • The laws of physics apply.

    No, I do not believe that black hole information paradoxes really exist, because it is not possible to have a place where the laws of physics do not apply. It would not be true that matter could not be created or destroyed if it were true that the black hole information paradoxes existed. It does not make sense with the laws of physics.

  • Not really sure

    I think it is too soon to tell and there is not really much evidence that proves that they do exist. This level of theoretical physics makes it hard to really know what is happening because it could be true, but we just don't know. We need to research more to see if it could be legit.

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