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  • Freedom of speech

    A freedom of speech means that a person has the right to say whatever they like whenever they like it, and people are responsible for controlling themselves and their actions if they're offended. Unlike the rest of the world, which often doesn't understand that saying something isn't cause for violence, we should understand.

  • No, federal laws should not be used to enforce religious ideology.

    Blasphemy should not be included in federal law because it violates the separation of church and state. And because blasphemy is defined as the act of insulting or showing disrespect to God and there are so many different religions practiced in the United States, it would be impossible to fairly enforce any kind of blasphemy law. What is perfectly acceptable in one religion may be considered blasphemous in another.

  • Blasphemy laws should not exist in the United States.

    No, blasphemy laws should not be mentioned in United States federal laws because the US has very strong freedom of speech laws, and thus speech is, and should be protected, even if it is blasphemous. Additionally, freedom of religion is strong here, and to speak out against a reglion is permitted.

  • Not in today's society.

    No, I do not believe that blasphemy should be mentioned in federal laws, because that is a way of limiting Free Speech. The government needs to be very careful of limiting Free Speech based on content. Our society is smart enough to be able to reject bad philosophies, so there is no need to ban blasphemy in federal laws.

  • No, it should not.

    Government and Religion should never mix together. With the many different Religions out there, it would impose on the peoples rights to freedom of Religion if blasphemy were to be mentioned in federal laws. Blasphemy is and shouldn't be a crime, it would be blasphemy for anyone to believe in any different set of beliefs.

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