• Blood transfusions should be allowed.

    Blood transfusions are a necessary medical tool and they should be allowed when doctors believe they will be beneficial. If someone loses excessive amounts of blood as a result of an injury, they sometimes need to receive more through a transfusion. Ther is not reason that this procedure should not be allowed.

  • They save lives

    Blood transfusions help save lives, and they help form an important part of modern medicine. They aid in everything from stab wounds to gun shot wounds when lose of blood is a major factor in danger. They help save lives on a daily basis, and I can think of no reason why they should be disallowed. The benefits far outweigh the dangers.

  • Blood Transfusions Save Lives

    Blood transfusions save lives in the case of accidents and also during surgery. Blood transfusions are generally safe in that supplies are tested for viability and tested for diseases such as HIV. These medical practices and safeguards have been in place for years and blood supplies are generally safe should the need arise for more blood donors.

  • Blood transfusions save lives, and in todays times they are safer than ever.

    I can not even begin to speculate how many lives have been saved by blood transfusions. I, myself have given blood and platelets on many occasions. In the 80's my Grandma did get Hepatitis C from a blood transfusion. But that was before they really tested the blood. Now it is safer than ever, and I actually wish more people would donate blood.

  • Yes. I believe that blood transfusions should be allowed.

    Yes. I believe that blood transfusions should be allowed, because blood transfusions are greatly beneficial, and needed in medical society. Without blood transfusions a lot of people would die. There is no reason for them to not be allowed. It would be an astronomical loss to society in general. We need blood transfusions.

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