Do you believe Bokito, the escaped gorilla, was being flirted with by the woman he attacked?

  • Yes, the escaped gorilla Bokito was being flirted with by the woman he attacked.

    Yes, the escaped gorilla Bokito was being flirted with by the woman he attacked. For better or worse, many people are attracted to the brute strength and primal sexual energy of the mighty gorilla. The woman who made eye contact with Bokito was obviously looking to initiate a sexual relationship with this beast.

  • Yes, the woman involved could have enticed Bokito

    Most people do not understand when a dog attacks them. The first thing said is usually that the dog was crazed. I am using the comparison of a dog so that you will more clearly identify with my belief the woman may have flirted with danger.

    Domesticated animals born in captivity, of all kinds, do not mean their heritage was left at birth. They are still born with the natures from their heritages and we, as humans, do not understand their nature and may well demean the animals unknowingly.

  • No, she was not flirting

    Many people mistake flirting with people behaving nicely to one another. Flirting is of a sexual nature. I do not think the woman who was trying to get Bokito's attention had any intention of entering a sexual relationship with the gorilla. She was simply trying to get his attention. Unfortunately, this mistaken friendliness for flirting is not just a woman plus ape phenomenon.

  • She was just talking to him.

    The woman that Bokito attacked was just trying to interact with the gorilla. It wasn't meant to be in any inappropriate way. She knew that she was interacting with a wild animal and she was trying to be careful. She didn't know what she was doing and she didn't know the magnitude of the situation.

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