Do you believe book publishers are losing out to on-line publishers like Amazon?

  • Yes, and it is good.

    I think traditional book publishers are a dying breed of business and this is a good thing. Publishers have robbed writers for hundreds of years and now, with self-publishing and online marketing, writers are able to keep a larger percentage of the profit from the sale of each book, which is fair.

  • Yes, they are getting beat

    They have no change against a company like that,but if they join up with them, they should be fine. The times have changed and so has reading. I don't like e books,but some do. I think they have changed it for the future,but publishers need to get on board while they can. It is only beneficial to them in the long run.

  • Book publisher's are not losing out to online publishers

    It is my opinion that the current book publishers are not losing out to online publishers because there are still a majority of people that enjoy the physical version of a written text. Furthermore, text books made by the average publishing company are more cost effective currently than providing ebook technology to schools.

  • Book Publishers Should Adapt

    Book publishers need to adapt to on-line publishing or else the book industry will fade away. Self-publishing with books and musicians who take to YouTube to publish their own works are making independence in these industries more normal. Book publishers should adapt to more online e-books in the next 20 years or else these companies will cease to exist.

  • Everyone is loosing to online things

    I think the Facebook deal sums the way the world is going best. They bought some app company for 19 billion and that company only has 55 workers. Businesses like the book industry, magazines, and newspapers are loosing a lot of money to the Internet revolution. We are going to have to find new ways to get people employed in good paying jobs.

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