• Books are part of our lives.

    Even though many believe to disagree that books are not essential to our lives, that can be swapped with a fact.
    Books guide our lines earlier when we have to read them as children and that can prove to be strong because knowledge is power and we need knowledge in our lives to be better(with food and water being primary essentials).Without them, we as a civilization would not succeed such determination within our minds and that can lead to a disastrous event.

  • Love them, but no

    Food and water are more important than books, so if we are talking about where our priorities lie it has to be with things that save lives. However, books are essential to making us better people, more educated people with a broader world view. We should support reading and books when we can to be a stronger country.

  • No I do not.

    It's pretty hard to compare books to food. Sure, they are helpful and beneficial but you will not die without them. I think this is a really bad comparison, actually. I see the point you are trying to make, but books very obviously do not support life as food or water do.

  • No they are not

    Books are very important in society, but they are not essential goods. Essential goods are needed for survival and books are not needed for survival. We should not be comparing books to food, shelter, or water. I'm not sure why anyone would consider books to be essential goods in the same way water and food is.

  • No not really.

    I do not believe that. Especially in this day and age when books became more or less useless because of the digital generation. it is nice reading a book from time to time that is right though. Nothing will ever compare with the nice smell of a new book ..

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