• Yes, because she no longer has popular support

    I believe that Dilma Rousseff should resign from the office because she no longer has support of the majority of Brazil's population. Brazil's economy is in free fall, there are several ongoing corruption investigations and current massive anti-government demonstrations are the sign that people want Mrs. Rousseff out of the office. If she doesn't resign, there is a possibility of nation wide protests that can paralyze the whole country.

  • Dilma Rousseff should resign

    Dilma Rousseff, the president of Brazil, should resign. She is facing impeachment charges, and her resignation would allow the country to attempt to clean up its government. The country has long battled corruption in the government ranks, but it must be removed quickly so people will gain confidence in their leaders.

  • Dilma Rouseff's Possible Resignation

    I do believe that Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff should resign. Not only is Brazil in a huge finanical and economic crisis right now, this is the worst scandal in their history. With all of that under one president's belt, it seems as though they may not be the best fit for the job. And she is not pulling the nation together, instead she is having rally after rally to have her impeached.

  • Brazilian President Should Resign?

    Brazilian president Dilma Rousseff should continue to do what is best for her country. While citizens always look to blame someone (usually those in political office, who hold political power), more change may or may not help the country. She should use her judgment and listen to her advisors regarding what is the best path for Brazil, not what is better for her career or for the protesters.

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