Do you believe breast feeding a baby for the first six months is a mother's choice (yes) or the government's choice (no)?

  • The mother's right to privacy and control of her own body are paramount

    A woman has the right to control her own body and physical privacy. Having a government somehow dictate that a woman must breastfeed by law would be a serious invasion of privacy and possibly even a sexual violation of sorts. Breastfeeding should absolutely be encouraged as much as possible, given the health benefits, but never mandated.

  • The mother and the child is the only two that matter

    Yes, it is a mother's decision on whether they chose to breast feed their child up to a certain age. Some women chose to breast feed past the age of one year. Where does the government come into the decision of the nourishment of an infant? Not to mention that breast feeding is extremely healthy for the child and helps the mother lose the baby weight gained from pregnancy. The government should have nothing to do with breast feeding.

  • It is the mother's choice.

    I do think that all mothers should breastfeed their babies as it is the more healthful and nurturing way to go for the child, but I am nor woman or mother. It is not up to me or government to tell them how to raise their kids or in which way they're allowed to use their body.

  • Yes, breast feeding a baby for the first six months is a mother's choice.

    I truly believe that breast feeding a baby for the first six months is a choice that should be made by the mother. The government should have no say or right in terms of deciding what's best for a baby unless the child's health is at risk. And that is usually something that is determined by a doctor.

  • Yes, it is exclusively the mother's choice.

    Yes, whether or not to breastfeed should be left up to a baby's mother, only. Some women have found it difficult or painful to do, and wish to bottle feed instead. Additionally, many women work and are unable to do so. The government should stay out of this type of situation, especially since formula now exists that is healthy for the baby. However, studies have shown breastfeeding is best if the woman is able to do it.

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