• Yes, they should.

    A federal model of government would help give the British people more rights. It would help protect them from any other form of government in place in Great Britain. Honestly all governments should adopt a federal model to preserve and protect their people's rights. It would be an insult to humanity to not protect your people.

  • A new model is needed

    Britain should adopt a federal model of government because their current political system is not working out as planned right now. A new method that is proven to work would help instill confidence in the general public that the leaders of the country know what they are doing to improve the country.

  • Britain has always had its own way of ruling and laws.

    In the history UK has always been one of those countries who has had its own law among other countries. By adopting a federal model of government a lot of its own way of ruling and laws may get disappeared. For instance: The subject of "Single Currency" in Europe when all European countries came up with a unified idea that all currencies must be changed to one currency; UK was one of those countries that got reluctant and decided to keep its own currency a live without joining to Euro currency.

  • Britain should remain the way they are

    Britain has a model government that works for them. Who are we to say how they should be running things. They has survived with their government powers for years and no body is complaining yet. Our government runs federally and our economy falls short of Britain's. Maybe we should adopt their style of government.

  • No, Britain shouldn't adopt a federal model of government.

    I do not believe that it is necessary for Britain to adopt a federal model of government. I think that the current system and model that Britain is using has been working for them. I do not see the need for them to adopt a model that isn't exactly doing that great today. That is why I do not see them adopting a federal government.

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