• Not all nuclear energy is the same

    New bleeding edge nuclear technologies will be the way we get off fossil fuels. Wind, solar, geothermal, and other renewables just cannot provide the necessary base load for modern electrical infrastructures. New development in fast breeder, pebbled bed, and thorium reactors will be the way we eventually create sound and stable energy without constantly threatening the environment with climate change.

  • They are wise.

    Yes, I think that Britain should develop nuclear energy, because Britain has the good sense to know when to use it properly. There need to be more western countries with nuclear energy to fight back against the eastern nations that want to destroy the west. Britain would be a wise choice for this technology.

  • Yes they should

    Yes, I think that it would be a very good thing if Britain would join in the clean energy race and make nuclear energy that would be a lot better for the environment that using coal and other fossil fuels to make it. I think that they will soon join.

  • Yes, I believe Britian should develop nuclear energy.

    I believe Nuclear energy is a great source of power for a county to develop. I believe that Nuclear Energy should be carefully handled because of the concenquences of what happens when mistakes happen but overall I don't think that is reason to shy away from the development of Nuclear energy.

  • No, Britain should not develop nuclear energy.

    Britain has no reason to want to have to create and develop nuclear energy. Britain is allies with some of the most powerful countries on Earth. America is one of them. And since the United States already has a nuclear program, there is no need for Britain to start such programs.

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