• Yes it is

    Yes, I think that the problems that they are having is being over looked by most of the other countries, and no one has rose up to help them out like they need. I think that the rest of the countries just look away, and sit and let them suffer.

  • Yes, Bulgarian agony is mostly overlooked by Western Europe.

    Yes, Bulgarian agony is mostly overlooked by Western Europe, because it is not a very pressing issue for them. If something is not directly impacting Western Europe and its people, what is their motivation to look are at Bulgarian agony and help? There is not which is why the feel it is best to focus on their own people and issues.

  • Yes, I believe so.

    Not only does Western Europe overlook the agony in Bulgaria, but the world in general seems to overlook it. I think because Europe is a rich and vast continent, many forget that there are parts of it that are doing terrible. Bulgaria happens to be one of those mostly overlooked places.

  • Issues in any country should be a concern

    Bulgaria is a very poor country and has not been able to progress over the years. This is difficult and if parts of Western Europe can devise a plan to get involved it would help out a lot for all countries. There is power in numbers and Bulgaria is a strong member of Europe whether other countries like it or not.

  • Europe is sympathetic.

    No, I do not believe that Bulgarian agony is mostly overlooked by Western Europe, because Western Europe is largely sympathetic to the struggles in Bulgaria. They have had a great deal to overcome, and they still face a great deal of hardship. Western Europe has other crisis to deal with at well, but they appreciate Bulgaria's challenges.

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