Do you believe bullying can be reduced by having more cultural awareness in public schools?

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  • Multiculturalism Does Not Work

    Despite what many people believe, multiculturalism does not work. Human beings, especially children, don't like anything that is not like them. Throughout history, human beings have treated those of different culture as lesser beings, for simply not being like them. Why do children bully each other? Because they are different. Even raising awareness about one's own culture will not work, simply because nobody agrees completely with their own culture, especially children.

  • No way in heck.

    I assure you, that would probably INCREASE bullying. If kids go to school and learn that some kids home country worships Jim-Bob the Walnut God, theres no way there not gonna make fun of him. The only way to stop bullying is to make sure that from a young age children learn that bullying is WRONG.

  • No, I do not think so.

    Cultural awareness is not going to be what stops bullying. What stops bullying is fostering a culture that is not accepting of bullying. A culture that enables children to thrive. We need to focus on what there is to do that's good, and the rest falls into place very quickly.

  • Kids are kids.

    No, I do not believe that bullying can be reduced by having more cultural awareness in public schools, because kids are always going to act like kids. My son has a bullying lecture every week. But when I volunteer for field trips, I see the exact same bullying that existed when I was in school.

  • Bullying can't be reduced by having more cultural awareness in public schools

    Bullying can't be reduced by having more cultural awareness in public schools. This is because of the fact that bullying is completely ingrained in human nature. Regardless of how much awareness is present, people will inherently bully other people, especially when the people are children. It doesn't matter what is done for awareness.

  • No, death by power point will not stop bullying.

    Actually, if anything, it will increase bullying. It's just like drugs. The more ads there are against using it, the more it is illegal, the more the authorities warn against using it the more people WANT it. Bullying is not going to stop until the bully bullies the wrong person and gets his face broken.

  • Not even if you talk at them until you're blue in the face.

    There is no way that cultural awareness is going to reduce bullying among school age children. Most kids are twisted enough to actually take that cultural awareness education and exploit bits of it to use to be even more cruel. The only thing that's going to curtail bullying is swift physical and mental punishment. Kids understand pain, and they understand losing material privileges.

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