• Yes, they should

    I think a tax break would be nice,but I don't now how big of one would be beneficial. The system is messed up as is, even though most people don't vote it would be nice to actually get a quality voter turn out. The biggest issue would be how large of a benefit are we talking about?

  • Camilla will never be queen

    Camilla Parkwr will never be queen of England. These would be too much of an uproar from not only the citizens of the country but from the royal family itself. The current queen herself would not want Camilla to become queen. She would not be the right fit to become the next queen.

  • I do not.

    I do not believe Camilla will ever achieve the status of queen. She is too far away from the crown and unless there is some major tragedy she will never become the queen. I do not think that she is too worried about it and other people should not be either.

  • She is damaged goods.

    No, I do not believe that Camilla will ever achieve the status of queen, because people will not allow it. People still see her as the other woman, since we all know that Prince Charles always only loved Camilla even though he married Diana. People do not give her the credibility to be queen.

  • No, Camilla will never be queen.

    Camilla will never achieve the status of queen. First of all, Charles would have to become king. But even then, I do not think the British people and the monarchy will ever recognize Camilla as queen. I just think that there is too much controversy for such a matter to occur.

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