• Capital Gains should be taxed

    Capital Gains should be taxed. As long as anything is considered an income, it should be taxed. Capital Gains are a no exception from this rule. Just as an income is taxed, so should Capital Gains be taxed. Other forms of income from selling and buying stocks, and bonds should be taxed as well, especially when people make millions off of it.

  • Capital gains should be taxed.

    All income should be taxed, even if it is capital gains. We have an economy to run and a people to make more comfortable. That means we need taxes and we need more of them. In a world this cramped, we can't be every man for himself anymore. It won't work.

  • Capital gains are taxed.

    Capital gains are in fact taxed. They are taxed at a reduced rate. This is justified because capital gains are not necessarily guaranteed like a working wage. The dividends on investments are only profitable if invested wisely. However, the investment game is rigged. I feel that income is income regardless of the source, or how it was earned. This income should be taxed. We don't tax someone for work they do not do, so we don't need to tax the money that investors lose. The inverse is also true, if investors make money based on intellectual or even social work (working the social scene) that is just as much work as slinging burgers. Tax it the same.

  • Capital gains taxes makes trying to own property too expensive.

    Capital Gains should not be taxed. This tax affects people who own homes above a certain value, second homes, and other forms of property. It adds too much to the cost of owning property. We would be more prosperous as a nation if we got rid of this tax all together.

  • Capital Gains should stand alone

    Millions of people in the United States have always been taxed for a lot of the income they have made. So I really feel like bonds, stocks, and real estate should be profit for the owners of the transaction only and not taxed for selfish reasons by the national government

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