Do you believe capital gains should include carried interest (yes) or should carried interest be taxed as ordinary income (no)?

  • Capital gains interest should not be regular income

    The interest accrued for capital gains should not be taxed as ordinary income because the money is not always immediately available or sufficiently liquid enough to be accessible. It would not make sense to tax someone for income in a year that was not available to them as cash in hand.

  • I agree, we need less tax

    I really think this is one of those examples of over taxation. An investment is an investment and not always money in the pocket. This has been a real issue where I live and has caused more damage then it has done good. The tax rate for properties is too much now and investment properties should not pay the same.

  • Capital gains are key

    Capital gains should not include carried interest. If this occurred then the people that pay capital gains would not like this and it would hurt the economy. This can be a tricky issue because it involves political matters and politicians have become involved. When they get involved, things do not get better.

  • Remove the Loop Hole

    I do not believe capital gains should include carried interest. I believe this loop hole should be eliminated and the carried interest should be taxed as ordinary income. Most interest is already used and taxed in this way and capital gains shouldn't get special treatment. This has been a known loop hole for years, it needs to be fixed.

  • Carried interest should be taxed.

    The United States is already the developed nation with the lowest amount of taxes on the planet, with the exception, possibly, of Australia. So yes, carried interest should be taxed as ordinary income. There is no reason to have so many unfair loopholes in the United States tax code at all.

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