Do you believe cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad should be considered acceptabl, in media?

  • God can defend himself/herself

    If God had the power to part the Red Sea, it is feasible that he is able to a) take a joke, b) defend his own interests.

    Mohamed on the other hand performed no miracles, healed no sick, robbed, raped and pillaged for a living. Perhaps he needs people to protect HIM from ridicule.

  • Why should Freedom of Speech & Expression give favor to religion?

    Just because the followers get violent? No.

    Not allowing people to draw Mohammed just because he is a revered prophet is not freedom of speech. Mohammad was human just like the rest of us and not everybody respects him, in fact Muslims should be lucky that there are respectful drawings of him done by Shi'a Muslims.

  • Some of them are really funny

    All religions are valid targets for questioning, and sometimes even lampooning. Some people find the antics that result from Mohammedanism hilarious and desire to show the essence of their humour in cartoons. They are only expressing a personal opinion. Islam is good at giving edicts. The thought leaders only have to tell Muslims where not to look, so they can remain un-offended by other peoples' perceptions of them. The Islamic world needs to produce some great cartoonists and publish cartoons that we can avoid looking at, so that we do not get offended at how they see others.

  • All religious leaders should be fair game, It's only fair:

    Even cartoons of people living if those people don't mind, but cartoons of all past leaders, religious, national or otherwise should be fair game for cartoonists.
    Many standup comedians deride and have fun with Allah and Muhammad, so why shouldn't Cartoonists.
    Even Allah/Muhammad probably enjoy a good Belly Laugh.
    The stupid followers thing wrongly that their Prophet and God had no Sense of Humor!

  • Yes They Should

    I believe cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad should be considered acceptable in media. We can do cartoons of Buddha or Jesus and people don't get offended so I believe it is fair to do this. I understand that Mohammad to the figure head of the Islamic tradition but I believe we need to tolerate each other outside of religious beliefs and practices.

  • Who really cares?

    I understand that it is considered offensive to portray Mohammad in any sense, but we live in a world where everything is made fun of and joked about. Every religious deities are portrayed normally, and it seems that extremist Muslims only use this as a mode for violence upon anyone who doesnt follow their sect.

  • I think freedom of speech is freedom to draw Mohammad.

    It is an insult to a Muslim to draw Mohammad. I am not a Muslim. I am not insulted. Muslim's do not have to watch or see these depictions. It is a completely voluntary act. When a cartoon of Mohammad is created, Muslim's parade it around and show everyone they know. Wouldn't the smart, and peaceful thing to do be just to ignore it? Anger over such things is petty.

  • Hell yes! (uhh, First Amendment???)

    Of course cartoons of Mohammad are acceptable!...Christians and Jews are made fun of incessantly in the media, so why should Islam be let off the hook? I am not anti-Muslim whatsoever and I believe all religions, including my own, have their share of psychos and assholes. But, I find the overkill of political correctness and hypersensitivity to all things Muslim in America, to be nauseating and discriminatory...And by the way, last I checked there was this "Free speech" thing we used to value in this country...Seems like some only value it if the speech is "right," according to their viewpoint. To me, THAT is tyranny and oppression. Hell, I am a Christian and I laugh when people make fun of my religion because there are plenty of things to make fun of! I get it and could care less!! American media and politicians need to stop treating Islam like some innocent, delicate flower that's been beaten, abused and misunderstood, and thus deserving of some special protection.

    Sure Muslims have been oppressed and murdered for their beliefs. Ya, and so have Christians...And hello, uh, the Jews?! Egyptian slavery, being driven from their homeland, the fricken' Holocaust?! Hands down, the Jews have been the most persecuted people in history. Yet, American media and most politicians have no concern or sensitivity towards them whatsoever.

    I say, make fun of any and all religion! If Muslims, Christians, and Jews could get off our arrogance and superiority complexes, and become truly humble people (as all 3 religions instruct), then we could joke and laugh at one another and at ourselves. Peace and respect for one another could grow and maybe the atheists and non-believers would have a bit more respect for our religions as well.

  • No cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad should not be acceptable in the media.

    While without doubt the 4th Amendment of the constitution gives the media the right to publish and/or broadcast cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad common decency and respect for the religion of Islam would dictate that media should not publish his image. Traditionally the media has shown nothing but respect for all religions. The changed after 911 with Muslims becoming targets for the press.

  • Cartoons of the Prophet Mohammad are not acceptable in media.

    No, cartoons depicting the Prophet Mohammad should not be considered acceptable in media. According to Islam, it is forbidden to show depictions of the Prophet Mohammad. This is to avoid developing image worship, which is frowned upon. Therefore, it is important that the Prophet Mohammad is not depicted in media.

  • I just don't want to disrespect anyone.

    Why go out of my way to disrespect, disregard, and oppress others because of my choices? Why purposely offend someone anyway? It starts war and I choose peace. There is a fine line of decency when it comes to so-called free speech and that fine line is arrogance. Cartoons and comedians stretch the limits of common decency, therefore I 'choose' to disregard them. All things that divide us become tools to oppress us. Just be nice.

  • No Religion Should Be Mocked

    I am a Christian. I do not support anything Islamic. However, nothing is accomplished by mockery whether we agree with the view of someone else or not. Having said that, Islam is a danger to freedom everywhere, not just to religious groups. Serious consideration must be given to the fact that there is no separation between the mosque and the government. Islam is a control system in every aspect of the lives of all who come under it. Even if you are an athiest you should be concerned. Islam teaches conversion by conquest. Everyone who doesn't go along with the Islamic lie is a target for the ever growing number of radical muslims everywhere.

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