• Unsure how one would assume otherwise.

    I feel like it's more accurate to say "causes and effects". Every event has a range of outcomes, And sometimes they're infinite. Each of these events will determine a part in the outcome, Whether it be big or small. I'm no Buddhist, But I believe it takes a lot of force to change destiny to "destiny prime", If you will.

  • That is physics.

    Yes, I believe that cause and effect is always at work, because there are principles of physics that apply to reactions. The laws of physics say that for every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. This is true not only when it comes to matter, but also when it comes to relationships, and goal setting.

  • Yes, they call it karma.

    Karma is not the weird sort of belief system that many people in the west make it out to be. Instead, all it seeks to say is that there is always cause and effect at work in our lives and in the world, even when we do not see it happening.

  • Cause and Effect Always There

    There is no way for cause and effect not to be at work. This is a law of science so it does not matter how one feels about it. For every cause, there is always an effect no matter what situation one is in. This should not be disputed or argued.

  • It Does Always Seem In Play

    There just does not seem to be any other way to explain these things. When something happens there is usually a cause. If a car crashes, it has some cause of a person not paying attention, driving to fast, or bad weather. Something caused the car to crash, and it could be all of them.

  • It sure is

    I think that the thought or idea of cause and effect is always at work for everyone. When you do something, it is a cause, and anytime you do something, is ends up with an effect, which could be good or bad, depending what your cause was. It is always at work.

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