• I believe cautiion is best

    We live in a volatile world. The United States should be cautious in its defense strategy. A lack of caution led to the United States being involved in two unpopular wars in the past decade. We need to bring the State Department in our defense strategy. War is too important to be left to the generals.

  • Caution is preventative.

    Caution is the correct U.S. defense strategy. This is because it is based upon preventative measures. It is better to do research about an enemy and plant surveillance about them than to be entirely reactive. Reactive measures can include ground and air battle, and all-out wars. A little caution is the best medicine here.

  • We jump in too fast.

    Yes, I believe that the correct U.S. defense strategy of caution is the best, because the United States cannot afford to fight first and ask questions later. Once we jump into a conflict, we have to save face by continuing the conflict. We should be slow to become angry, because that would save us a lot of trouble on down the road.

  • Yes it is

    I think that it is safe to say that being cautious is a very useful technique and strategy and perhaps the US should already know that from their mistakes that they may have made in the past. Now more than ever should the US be cautious so as thwart any potential threat as soon as possible.

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