Do you believe celebrities should have more privacy and security when it comes to paparazzi?

  • Yes, I do

    Many people say that celebrities chose the life they live and that they should have to just put up with the paparazzi. I disagree with that. Though they are privileged to make so much money, they are still people and still deserve a bit of privacy and respect. The paparazzi are like cockroaches.

  • Yes, I think they should

    They have gotten out of control, they are going to harm someone else, but its only a matter of when not if. The princess Diane issue, would be something that they should consider. It would be tragic if it happened to our celebrities. They are people too and they need some privacy.

  • No, I don't think so.

    As long as the paparazzi are obeying private property laws, I don't see an issue with what they do. I understand a person's desire for privacy, but celebrities sacrifice some privacy for wealth and fame. If they don't like the exchange they can quit making movies and get a regular job, right?

  • No special rights for anyone!

    I am not in favor of special rights for anyone, least of all the rich and famous. They have the same right to privacy as I do when walking down the street -- none at all. If it gets to the point where photographers or others are blocking their way, just like for me, that would be harassment.

  • They are famous.

    No, I do not believe that celebrities should have more privacy and security when it comes to paparazzi, because when someone is famous, they give up some of their privacy. If the famous person ventures out in public, other people have the right to follow them and take photographs of them.

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