• Children benefit greatly from technology

    Technology has become so advanced that children are benefiting greatly from it. There are tons of educational websites and games on the internet, most of them free as well. Not all children/parents are using these resources but really everyone should use them to help supplement what a child is taught in school.

  • Yes up to a point.

    Children are getting smarter with each new generation because of the amount of information they are able to access with so much speed through the new technology. That is the benefit for sure. On the other hand, they still need to be encouraged to turn away from a screen regularly to play with real children outside.

  • In many ways.

    Yes, I believe that children benefit from technology, because there are many programs available to help them. Today, a parent can give a child a phone that has a tracking system on it. If the child is ever lost, the parent need only find the phone. Children can play educational games. They can have cell phones with easy call buttons to reach their parents.

  • Yes, children especially benefit.

    I believe children benefit a great deal from technology. Children today seem to have a natural affinity for technology. They seem to have a better understanding of it than most adults. Technology is the future and I think by exposing children to it, they will be better equipped as adults. They will be able to enter the market place and keep pace with advancements as they happen.

  • Yes I Do

    I believe children do benefit from technology. I believe technology is better at masking learning so it comes as second nature. My child can play educational games and not realize they are educational. I believe this is great because it's easier to sneak in additional times of learning. I've also seen games that help foster and build creativity and much more.

  • Children don't really benefit from technology

    Of course technology somewhat helps us whether its schoolwork or research or communication. But overall there are more negative effects than there are positive. Being a child is about getting out there and getting hands on experiences and making memories before its too late and before you start having to deal with responsibilities. We live in a world where everything you do is judged. Whether its your appearance or your characteristics or your strengths and weaknesses. There is a lot lot more negativity in this society than there is positivity. When you're a child, its a period of time in your life where you're meant to develop yourself find what you're good at and just be who you want to be without getting judged a little less. But technology exposes us to this judgmental society 24/7 that its impossible to feel a bit bad about yourself because you're always getting judged while others lives seems perfect, lowering self esteem. Therefore although technology does benefit children in some ways it is just as bad and not always that good for children.

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