• Children should be able to be adopted by same-sex couples.

    Yes, same sex couples should be allowed to adopt children. While non traditional, same sex couples have the same ability as heterosexual couples (and singles) to provide a safe and comfortable life for a child. There are so many young, poor or irresponsible parents out there, in some cases a same sex couple might actually be more fit parents.

  • Yes, because any human being can learn to parent.

    They are human-beings, and they have the right and ability to adequately take care of a child and become a good parent. It is different, and of course and little out of the ordinary, but if the child is safe, happy, and grows up to be successful, who can argue?

  • They Right Should Be There

    I believe same-sex couples should have the right to adopt children just as heterosexual couples do. I believe same-sex couples are just as capable of raising a child and I don't think people should be concerned by this at all. Children grow up in all different types of families already.

  • I believe children should be adopted by same-sex couples.

    I believe children should be adopted by same-sex couples. Same-sex couple should be afforded all the rights as straight couples, and there is nothing to suggest that a same-sex couple would be less able than a heterosexual couple in raising a child. Same-sex couple are protected under gay rights laws and it would be discriminatory to not allow a same-sex couple to adopt a child. As long as the couple can provide a stable environment for the child to grow in, their sexual orientation should not be considered in their ability to raise children.

  • They are good

    Yes, I do think that it is not wrong at all for a same sex couple to adopt a child, and I think that they can make really good parents, and that they can support a child very well. There is nothing wrong with being raised by two gay people.

  • Its just wrong.

    Same sex couples should not be allowed to adopt. It is not natural for two men or two women in a relationship with one another to raise a child in that environment. I am sorry but this whole gay rights movement has gone way too far and I am honestly starting to say I am ashamed to be an American. Being gay is just not natural I am sorry if this offends a lot of people but I don't believe a penis was designed to be inserted into an anus. And for women going to the store to purchase a penis to get each other off isn't natural either. I believe the fact that most people were at the point where they were tolerating this sort of behavior was far enough. If you want to engage in that type of activity in your life then by all means who am I to stop you it is your life. I will say though if we are going to be tolerant of this type of behavior and support the argument that you are free to choose why stop there? Why can a man or woman not marry a dog or sheep? Why is bestiality not okay? So when a man starts putting his penis into a dog's anus or vagina why is this considered animal abuse? Thats discrimination and unconstitutional Isn't it the right for them to choose? The point is it is not natural. It is perverted and no child that is not of age to be able to make a decision on the matter should be forced to grow up in an unnatural environment. People in this country need to stop making laws and allowing things to happen just to go over the top and prove equality. It's Ludacris. A child is better off in childcare until they can be put into a somewhat natural environment.

  • Social and sexual confusion

    This is potentially harmful for the children involved in gay adoption. There is the very real possibility that such children will develop emotional problems, sexual-identity confusion, and depression. This is not because gays and lesbians are naturally bad parents. It is due to the fact that children are unlikely to adjust as well to being raised by same-sex couples as opposed to heterosexual ones.

  • It is wrong

    Your children will become gay too. 1 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 2 2 22 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 222 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 2 22 2

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