Do you believe children should be banned from using the Internet for their own protection?

  • I honestly see no need to ban the internet for youngsters

    To tell the truth, If you truly think. That the internet is so bad why buy a phone for your child in the first place, Or why give them access to it, Look there is a simple solution to all of this. Look at it like this, The internet needs Wi-Fi or data to work right, So just don't give them the password for the Wi-Fi, Or don't show them how to use data to get access to the internet.

    Honestly the only reason that this is even a topic at the moment is because of irresponsible use of the internet by children, I mean take this for example, If your son/daughter at the age of 9 uses your phone or so, You simply get that an app password, Ok let me make it more cleare, For all your apps you put a password on to be able to access it.

    The internet is only as dangerous as we make it because its source of information is us, A good example is this massage that i am writing right now, And whomever is reading this just ask yourself does this massage look that dangerous and if you were to coment on it, Wouldn't you do it in such a way that if a child may be reading what you wrote they'd read no negative texts or bad use of language.

  • You're a terrible parent if you let your child go online like your child is 25

    If you let your child on a device that's connected to the internet you're a bad neglectful parent. Child services should be promptly notified and determine if your child should be placed in a different much safer home. Children online is not a smart idea or a new way to keep your child distracted from bothering you or messing up.

  • Internet should be banned

    I do not like the interent it is a hazard to all kids like right now im supposed to be doing my work but instead i am doing this so what is up with this world it is corrupted with n egativw enefrgy that canot be controlled has has bad vibes

  • It is very dangerous in the internet

    As a child i know what happens on the internet and its not very good old men follow you and then you see images you dont need to and you could get bullied so you get to the point you want to kill yourself or you do kill youself its just horrible

  • What happened with my children...

    The internet is not the same Internet as it was 10 years ago. There's numerous problems with the internet
    Not just in schools but for use - period.

    - There is way to much negativity and radical views that are simply NOT good for our children to be reading. Esprcially With any article that can be "commented" on.
    Quora is a popular site where many of the questions asked and answers provided are SO negative.

    - The internet makes those prone to information overload once they get into the habit of using it. (And it gets the best of us)

    - Kids hardly have relationships, with parents, grandparents, elders, let alone have the same type of respect for the advice given from elders because they believe everything can be found on the Internet.

    - Worst of all... Facebook, Instagram. Most of if it is fake, or greatly doctered up, and it's easy for a kid going through a hard time in their life - to be made worse by it ot get the wrong impression. Just research that.

    I think at best the internet should be used under the supervision of an adult and used in good sense.

    I seen the effects of this personally with my own children over the course of the last 2 years. I noticed they are not nearly as patient, or attentive. I took away their tablets for a month, and once in a blue moon allow mild YouTube videos for an hour. But that's it. It's made a big difference.

  • It should not be banned

    The internet is the only thing which allows us to access everything all across the world. We can learn and get anything that we want from any part of the world. It can be censored when the need arises but should never be banned. Students use it for information gathering, higher studies and so many other things. But if we ban it only because of some selfish and foolish persons then we will be at loss than anyone else.

  • Its trash cunt

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  • Internet should be band at schools.

    There should be no internet use in school. Besides for educational purposes. For example, the internet should not be used for YouTube videos at school. The only time the internet should be used is when little kids play educational games and when MS and HS must do research on the computer for a class.
    Over hundreds of students have used Internet at schools. Most the students only take interest in non-educational applications in mobile phones and that can affect the grades and studies of any student. It can even be one of the reasons for low grades. However, the schools should band Internet for students to focus on their grades.
    Internet access is very distracting for most students and, also, rude to most teacher. Teachers can’t monitor everything students are doing and this means half of the students are most likely doing something they aren’t supposed to be doing. The internet can also be very dangerous and some students don’t realize how dangerous it really is.
    Because the children should not be in the habit of using Internet.
    The children should not use Facebook, Yahoo, and other social websites. They can go to bookshops and buy books for their education instead of using Internet.
    Because you don't know what they can get up to, they can go on Facebook, Twitter. It is dangerous also because they can download games that have viruses on them. So, in conclusion, I think that internet should be band at schools.

  • Internet should be banned from schools.

    Over hundreds of students have used Internet at schools. The majority of the students only take interest in non-educational applications in mobile phones and that can affect the grades and studies of any student. It can even be one of the reasons for low grades. However, the schools should bann Internet in order for students to focus on their grades.

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  • Internet Should NOT Be BANNED For MINORS

    Internet should not be banned for minors. We can think of a different way than banning internet.
    Internet includes Zoom/Google/Dictionary, And etc.
    But, If minors are banned, They could not use almost the whole apps we ordinarily use. Then, Minors could not do it without parents.
    Also, In Covid-19 Situation, Students need Zoom/Google Meet/Whaleon to take classes. But, These are all internet. No students could take the class.
    Written 21. 11. 11.

  • Why is it protection?

    Making the internet adult-only removes technology from kid race, Not to mention that even if kids have their own internet, They will feel discriminated when they are banned from the kid internet for having enough age, I suffered the same age discrimination when I turned 13 "you're no longer a kid, Grow up", Some adults feel comfier if they see their children's activity, I understand that, But there must be some limits of what adults can do to their children (viewing their activity is acceptable, But using their account is not)

  • Internet shouldn't be banned.

    Internet is a wide world. It is very useful in our lives. For students, Internet is like a school that we can learn everything, Every topics. It has thousands of sources that we can study and websites for our educational. There are also many tools and apps that help us learn better such as google classroom, Google slides, Google translate, Gmail, Zoom, Etc. Other than study, Students can also having a good free time by using the Internet and social media. Even if Internet has many advantages, It’s a big and dangerous world so we have to be careful.

  • No they shouldtn

    Because im a kid and i like PORN and youtube is nice and i like watching porn becausse im lonely and i like to beat my meat with butter cream and i beat my meeat lololololnlol lol yeah thats why the internet shouldnt be banned because people like porn aka me

  • This website changed my mind: Internet should be banned or restricted for young kids

    Before, I was all for the Internet - considering I'm a teenager on the Internet right now, but after reading the comments on BOTH the affirmative AND the negative side, I've realised that the Internet isn't a mentally healthy place to be. Exhibit A: See comment 1 on the negative side, there is a student providing their email. Not only this, but people are immature on the Internet nowadays, and that would be a lot for a young CHILD to handle. Don't get me wrong, there a loads of positive, but I think it's best if the growing children up to age 12 enjoy their childhood - social media and Internet free. I LOVE THE INTERNET THO-------- READ THIS FOR DEBATE POINTS AND INFO IF Y'ALL WANT <3

  • No it shouldn't be banned

    It depends upon the children whether they want to see a bright future or just waste their time in social medias. The parents also have the responsibility to look after their child properly so that they won't waste their precious time or get trapped in cyber crimes. I believe it might be harmful for some of them but it doesn't mean that we should cut off the wings of the other children who trying to fly.

  • Kids are free people

    We have a choice. We learn better on electronics and if we get free time. Not just learning 24/7. Give us free time. Kids work better online. Don't have things blocked. Just monitor it not say NO! You can't be on their. If they do something bad get after them. Our internet is so controlled it is like we don even have it.

  • NO.. We shouldnt ban the Internet.

    We have to properly educate the children on what is right and what is wrong in the internet. We shouldnt completely censor the internet, thereby reducing the extent of knowledge that they can gain over internet. We should make them learn on finding the right resources for them to learn.

  • Internets are useful

    Today parents are overprotective and they try to keep children from even accessing the internet. This is not a police state like North Korea and does not need to do that. The internet is a wonderful tool full of wonderful educational tools. If a generation of kids grow up, not knowing how to use the internet that is a disaster. This is the modern age, and people need to get to know the internet.

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