Do you believe China is better than America with regards to capitalism and economic growth?

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  • No, China is not better than America

    China is not currently better than America in regards to capitalism currently. I think that they are probably doing a bit better in terms of economic growth, but they still have quite a way to go before they overcome America. I think that the closer they get to capitalism the more economic growth they will experience.

  • No, China's economy will crash one day.

    No, I believe that the United States has the best economy. I think that China has a huge bubble that will one day implode on the country, and unfortunately, the world economy. They're already having a real estate problem with building buildings that they simply can't fill with possible people to live there. We're still the greatest in the United States.

  • No, China does Not Beat the U.S. In Capitalism and Economic Growth

    China does not beat the U.S. with regards to Capitalism and Economic growth because although China uses capitalist economic policies, it is still essentially a communist government. Economic growth in the long term will rely on both capitalist government and economic policies to move forward in a sustainable way. Capitalism thrives on entrepreneurial spirit which China's communist regime thwarts.

  • In China, the government rules.

    China is not better than America with regards to capitalism and economic growth. This is because the private sector in China is mostly dominated by the government. In the USA, private sector simply has regulations to adhere to, but also has more safety measures to protect the buying public. China has too much central control compared to the U.S.A.

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