Do you believe China should be censoring the internet?

  • Yes, and no.

    Censoring the Internet can help prevent certain illegal activities that has been hard for governments to stop. Watching inappropriate videos underage, catching shady people, and preventing people from stealing and ripping off software are the big ones that come to mind. However, there is a limit to how far you should go with censors, so as long as they do not go to far it should be fine.

  • Censoring internet is not the way to solve problems

    Maybe someone hold the opinion that censoring internet is a good way to avoid some difficult situation or revolt against to the government.But that's not the way to solve problems completely . Maybe some terrible effect will be produced during the same period.I am the resident of China and because of the work of GFW, there are lots of websites that I can't log in.It affects my study. A lot of Chinese are dissatisfied for this.

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