Do you believe China will ever become a world superpower (yes) or just a strong economic force (no)?

  • China will eventually become a superpower.

    Eventually China will become a superpower.They already have the economic part downpat but they need to open up so they can have relations with the rest of the world.They will also need to develop a set of allies in case some kind of conflict comes up where China has to go to war.

  • Both of those things have already heappened.

    Welcome to the 21st century, dear question asker. In this timeline, China is a world superpower. They have a modern military, including their own aircraft carrier. They have a space program that's landing on the moon. China is also a strong economic force. They make the goods the rest of the world buys, and even that their own people buy. Now what?

  • A world power

    I think that they are well on their way to becoming the most powerful nation that is on the Earth. I think that with their booming economy that they will be able to make an army that no other nation will be able to match, since they have a lot of people.

  • Yes, China will become a world superpower

    China will end up being a world superpower eventually, even though they currently have some struggles. China has a lot of potential that will just take some time to tap into. China has some problems currently stopping it from reaching that potential such as extreme pollution and aging population, however with time and work those things can be overcome.

  • China is not made for global leadership

    China doesn't respect the international law.
    China is a bad steward of the environment.
    China has committed several human right violations.
    China doesn't respect its neighbours.
    China has made a lot of enemies.
    China doesn't know how to respect people's rights, including its citizens.
    China has all the wrong values.

  • No, China will just become a strong economic force.

    I do not think China will ever be a world superpower. Their military technology isn't as advanced as they want the world to believe. I do think that China could be a strong economic force in the world. Their economy is getting better but I think that it will settle.

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