Do you believe Chinese television and CCTV News should be owned by the state?

  • They already do, my little innocent one.

    I think it's sort of adorable that the asker believes Chinese television and CCTV News isn't owned by the state. No national media in China, whatever form it takes, is allowed to be a completely private enterprise. Even if the state doesn't completely own it, they do have control over it. It's state run media.

  • Yes, but private media should exist too.

    I have no problem with public ownership of media as long as it's publicly financed and impartial. My instinct is that Chinese state television is not impartial, and thus private broadcasting should be allowed alongside state owned TV. News channels that are publicly financed need to exist to counteract news-for-profit and vice-versa. A sort of checks and balances is necessary to ensure openness and transparency in media, whether state-owned or private-owned.

  • They Shouldn't Be

    I do not believe Chinese television and CC TV should be owned by the state. Although, the reasons I don't like this is the fact that it makes it easy for the government to censor. However, China does this quite regularly so it shouldn't come as a surprise to many.

  • The private companies

    No, I do not think that they should be owned by the state, I think that they should be owned by a network like the rest of the stations. These networks are free to play whatever they think that the people will like and want to keep coming back to watch.

  • Give the Chinese freedom in TV

    Chinese television and CCTV News should not be owned by the state. The state in China has too much control over the population. They need to let their people have more freedom in what they can watch and what they can be exposed to. China is so advanced in so many other ways, that this should be a given.

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