• No I do not.

    Bringing religion and science together is not a great idea. Until someone can LEGITIMATELY challenge BILL NYE, religion to science ordeals are not true. They are false and remain false until they can defend their own weight agains the science guy, Bill freaking Nye. No more ridiculous science combos until there is proof!

  • There is just science

    I don't not believe that Christian Science is a legitimate venture. Science is where you can only prove things by observable and factual evidence. You can't pick and choose what science you want to use in order to prove your theories correct. You have to use all of the evidence, and that is just science.

  • I believe Christian Science is dangerously illegitimate

    People who believe in Christian Science do not go to doctors no matter how
    sick they are. They believe illness is a spiritual problem. I believe illness I
    caused by germs, genetics, and other real-world problems. I believe the
    reason people now live longer than they used to is largely because of the
    advance of science, not the advance of religion. I also believe that people
    who do not seek medical help when they are ill often die.

  • No, not when followed in total.

    Yes, it is legitimate for various ways of healing to be acknowledged and also to recognize that there seems to be an energetic or spiritual base to much of what we see happening in the world and in our bodies. Yet to rule out completely the use of modern medicine seems as misguided as Christian fundamentalism is in different ways.

  • It's One Womans Experience

    I do not believe Christian Science is legitimate as a whole religion. To me, it is simply one woman's experience and that is all. I believe it is fine to follow the tenants of Christian Science, but its not worthy or different enough to make yet another break in Christianity.

  • Western medicine has its points.

    No, I do not believe that Christian science is legitimate, because there are some good qualities of Western medicine that are helpful to good health. There is nothing about Christianity that says that we need to reject modern medicine. Christian science does not appreciate that God gives us modern medicine for our benefit. It is not legitimate.

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