• Civics Is An Important Topic

    I personally think that civics is an important topic for politicians because it was affected by the government and it has been discussed in the past. I personally think that civics is an important topic for politicians because you learn about the government and how it can affect so many people.

  • Yes,its very important

    How can you have a political stand point without something like civics? Its fundamentally a study of the practical aspects of ones citizenship. How can you not have a view on ones right and duties as a citizen,if your going to lead, these issues are very important to the people. Its the backbone of every politcal standpoint.

  • Civics is absolutely necassary for politics.

    The requirements or expectations of the citizenry is just as important of a topic for a politician to be versed with as how the politicians themselves are expected to act. Knowing how your citizenry will typically react to adverse situations. No political life is perfect. Something will go wrong. Knowing what to expect as a leader will help to get through it and work towards re-election

  • yes it is

    Yes, I think that the study of the different government programs and things of this nature is very good for politicians. It helps them understand how the government runs, and know what kind of programs will help the country ,and know which ones will be damaging for us in the future.

  • Civics is an important topic.

    Civics is a branch of morality just as ethics are, and when it comes to politicians this is a very important discussion, and an area where they really have to be dedicated. You have to know that your politician, who will be your leader, is of right mind and engaged in civics.

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