Do you believe Clark Kent or Superman is the act?

Asked by: Rednael
  • This question Doesn't Make Sense

    Both are act in their own way.
    As Clark: He is a bumbling friendly and really nice guy, He was race on a farm and he is really clumsy, he walk with a arc back he is softspoken. This is an act to distract people from knowing him as superman.
    As Kal-el Superman: the opposite of Clark Kent: Broad shoulder, Smile that is like the sun, friendly to a fault, Stood up tall, doesnt wear a mask, when someone look at this guy they doesnt see clark ken they see a MAN a real MAN that is perfect in everyway He is A SUPERMAN!

  • YES=CLARK KENT. Please pay attention to this rule to make things easier.

    I believe Clark Kent is the act. Kal-El's true nature is a desire to help people. Even his job at the Daily Planet is -cite issue one, when it was inexplicably called the daily star-not simply a day job to reaffirm his secret identity, but was deliberately chosen to put him in a better position to help people.

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