Do you believe class attendance policies should be adjusted depending on why the student is enrolled at the college?

  • Students Is Enrolled

    I personally think that the amount and type of assistance you have been offered is based on your financial need, the availability of funds at the time that your file was completed, your cost of attendance and enrollment as determined by the College. Awards are contingent on continued funding from federal, state and institutional sources

  • The requirements are the same.

    No, I do not believe that class attendance policies should be adjusted depending on why the student is enrolled at the college, because each student who passes the class should be subject to the same requirements. Someone who knows that the student took the course should be assured that the student met the same requirements as everyone else.

  • No, I do not - a policy is a policy.

    I do not see any reason why an attendance policy should be adjusted to accommodate a specific student or individual circumstances. Attendance policies require students to be in class for a specific number of days and also state the maximum number of days a student may miss in a semester. The policies are necessary to ensure the student is present for enough of the class time to be able to pass the class.

  • No They Shouldn't

    The only reason a student should be enrolled at a college is to attend class and study to obtain a degree. I do not believe people should go to college expecting to be there for athletics first and education second (or maybe not at all). I believe every student should have to meet the same criteria.

  • No, attendance is important.

    The reason the student is enrolled has no say in the attendance requirements. Attendance requirements ensure that the student is there to learn the material and get the necessary interaction with fellow students and the professor that the student would not get outside of class. Changing attendance policies just favors different groups and makes things unfair.

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