• Yes, that day will come.

    Yes, I definitely believe cloning will someday be considered commonplace. There are people today who are having their pets cloned. I think it would be more common if the cost wasn't so exorbitant. I can see a time in the future when people will have their loved ones cloned. Cloning will one day be very common and far less costly.

  • It will happen.

    Yes, I believe that cloning will be considered commonplace, because it is something that it just going to happen. Yes, I believe they will take to cloning, because there is widespread public support for cloning. People are curious to see what will happen if we clone humans, and the science behind it.

  • No it will not

    No it won't ever be considered commonplace to clone animals and people. Who really wants to have 2 Jed Bushes running around this Country. Who would want another Hitler running around we would be stuck in war forever if we start cloning people. You will have too many of the same person at times and not enough variation at all.

  • No, cloning will never be commonplace.

    I do not believe that cloning will ever be commonplace. I think that there will still be a lot of laws and people that will prevent the practice of cloning illegal. I think that people still see it as an immoral and unethical thing to do. I think that there might be some private practices of it though.

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