• More fabric = higher prices

    This is not a question of human rights. This is not a question of discrimination. This is a simple question of supply and demand, or basic economics. The fact is that larger garments require more fabric, meaning that they cost more to produce. If something costs more to produce, it should cost more to buy. That is all there is to it.

  • Yes, clothing for larger people should cost more.

    The cost of clothing for larger sizes should be kept higher, as it takes longer to make and requires more materials so it is logical for clothing to cost more. This will also create a motivation for people who have weight issues to go down in clothing sizes. This also means that baby clothes should be cheaper, and not more expensive than adult clothing.

  • There is more material that has to be used

    I am never a big fan of this, having different costs for different people. The reality of the situation is that more material has to be used to make larger garments. It is not fair, but the people who make the clothing have to make a profit too, so they can live. They should not abuse that fact though.

  • Yes, clothing for larger people should cost more.

    I definitely think that clothing for larger people should definitely cost more. It think that since it takes more material to make a person's shirt that is fat, then the costs of material should be adjusted to that price. I think that it is only logical to conduct a busines like this.

  • I would say it depends on the company

    If the company is able to average costs of clothing between the smaller sizes and larger sizes, so that every size garment is the same price, that makes sense. If a company wants to risk taking on excess product if they decide to start producing larger sizes that could possibly not sell, I'd say it makes sense charging a premium for a larger size that not many people would buy. You have to cover costs somewhere.
    I'm comfortable with larger clothes costing more money, but if a company is able to average the price across the different sizes that's fine too.

  • No - clothes are tremendously over priced as it is.

    No, I do not think clothing for large people should cost more. Most clothing is mass produced in countries where it costs only pennies per garment. Even taking all costs into consideration, the mark up on clothing is huge. Why should we single out larger people and charge them even more?

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