• Of course it still should be

    If the catcher or another player is blocking the plate how else would the runner get there without colliding. If you remove the catcher from blocking the plate then you would have to eliminate it else where like 2nd base when they try to turn a double play or the runner trying to slide into the player. If you are worries about injury you just have the player acknowledge they could be injured and after that it is their choice

  • Yes they should

    Baseball is a sport that doesn't normally have a lot of contact, but home plate is a place where it should be allowed. It is the last line of defense and catchers should be able to defend home place as well as have collisions if they result in that. It should be allowed.

  • Yes, its part of the game

    Collisions at home plate have been part of baseball for over a century. There is no reason at all that we should remove them from the game. There are not a great deal of injuries that result from these collisions, and they add a good bit of excitement to the game.

  • Yes, I think collissions at home plant should sitll be allowed in the MLB.

    Collisions at the home plate have been part of the MLB since it started, while it may be dangerous both players involved at professionals and know the risks they are taking when doing it, I think that the fans get a great amount of entertainment out of it and it should continue.

  • Yes, home plate collisions should be allowed in the MLB.

    I believe that baseball games in the MLB should still allow home plate collisions. I do not see anything wrong with them. While a lot of them due result in injuries for players, these players due them willingly and know that they are a part of the game. I also think that they make the games better.

  • Collisions at home plate should not be allowed in the MLB.

    More and more is known about the effects of head trauma in sports and the effects on the athlete later in life. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE) is a major cause for concern and the National Football League is now dealing with the problem they tried to deny and then cover up. MLB would be wise to address the problem and make baseball safer.

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