Do you believe compensation should be granted to Ian Huntley, a convicted double murderer?

  • Yes, even double murderers should be compensated if treated unfairly in prison.

    Yes, Ian Huntley should have been compensated if his rights were not properly protected while in prison. Abuse and mistreatment of inmates is an often-overlooked problem in first-world countries who strive for freedom and democracy, and when such mistreatment is proven to have occurred, the victim should be given some form of compensation or other reparation for the wrong committed by the state in failing to protect him or her from injustice after conviction.

  • No, I don't think compensation should be granted to Ian Huntley.

    I think someone who has been convicted of a double murder should not be receiving any compensation from the Government, I think the Government is already spending money on him while he is in prison and that is the extent they should go as far as any compensation is concerned.

  • Murderers don't have rights.

    No, I do not believe that compensation should be granted to Ian Huntley, because he is the double murderer of two young girls. What does he need the money for? Currency doesn't get you very far in prison. When you murder people you give up some rights, and the right to collect is one of them.

  • No, Ian Huntley should not get compensation.

    I do not believe that Ian Huntley should be granted compensation regardless. He is a convicted double murderer and voids any rights he has that the common citizen has. I think that it would be wrong to give him any type of compensation due to the fact that he is a criminal.

  • Absolutely Not At All

    I do not believe compensation should be granted to Ian Huntley, a convicted double murderer. There is not reason to give this person compensation as it would seem he was in quite a bit of trouble prior to committing murder. He should remain in prison for the rest of his life with only the bare necessities.

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