Do you believe complementary and alternative medicine works?

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I had to go through alternative medicine to figure out why I was so sick all traditional medicine do was treat my symptoms they never could tell me what the cause of the illness was. They didn't look for the cause. They had me dying for 6 solid months my body was shutting down.

  • Yes, alternative medicine does work.

    I definitely believe that alternative medicine works. I think that while they should not be the first line of choice for somebody who is seeking for a treatment to help with an ailment, I think that they do offer an alternative when all other traditional routes have been taken and sought after.

  • It is holistic.

    Yes, I believe that complementary and alternative medicine works, because they are helpful to some people. Maybe someone can learn to eat better. Maybe a person can meditate. Along with western science, lifestyle can have some impact. It can also improve quality of life for a person who is suffering from a disease.

  • No, I do not.

    I do not believe that complementary and alternative medicine works. When an alternative medicine is proved to be true, it is no longer alternative; quite simply, it becomes medicine. And there is not a conspiracy here, either. You can see plenty of scientific evidence for what so-called alternatives actually work.

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