• They are the life line for many

    Yes, I do believe that computers are relied upon way too much. Even our military are encased in the computer movement. Right now if you asked some to recite a phone number they would not be able to do because we do not memorize thing anymore. Everything is 'securely' store in our nifty computers, be they actual computers, smart phones, or tablets.

  • Yes, computers cannot replace humans

    When a customer with a problem cannot reach a human without
    wasting many minutes waiting on the phone, it means that a company has replaced
    too many humans with computers. When a patron cannot check out a library book,
    get a birth certificate, or make a withdrawal at the bank because the computer
    is down, it means that organizations have relied too much on computers and neglected
    human backups. Computers are meant to help humans, not replace them.

  • One day there will be a problem

    I think the local and federal governments need to start thinking of back up plans for the day when the grid goes offline. Right now, it is not a problem, but we all know that it is inevitable, and that something will happen to where we will not be able to access our computers or the Internet. That is the only reason why computers are relied on to much.

  • They are that convenient.

    No, I do not believe that computers are relied upon too much, because it is amazing what they can do to help us. Computers have revolutionized the way that we work and we play. They are so convennient that we might as well use them for all of the wonderful ways they can help us make our lives easier.

  • No computers are not relied upon too much.

    I like to think of computers as a resource, this day and age almost everyone has one. No longer are the days of lugging around encyclopedias, looking up information in alphabetical order or not having enough information readily available. Computers allow us to get necessary information from many portals in one place.

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