• They help us think.

    Yes, I believe that computers are supposed to be a creative tool, because they allow us to think and create so much more than we could before. Computers are very helpful in design. They help us design buildings, they help us make art. Computers unleash the power of the human mind. It is amazing.

  • Yes I do.

    I do believe computers are supposed to be a creative tool. They have so many capabilities and one of them is being a creative tool. If you take a look at all of the software that is available and all of the things that have been made on the computers show you that.

  • Of course they are.

    What I believe is not relevant. What I know is quite relevant, and I know that computers are a creative tool. They're used by artists of every kind every single day. They use them to create works of visual art, animate things, create impressive special effects, compose and perform music, write screenplays.

  • Computers aid in many areas of creativity.

    Computers are supposed to be a creative tool in the most modern sense. Architechts use them for drafting, managers use them to design schedules and training, and artists use them to design websites. Computers can be used for so many creative tasks that being without one seems to retard one's abilities.

  • They Can Be

    I do not believe computers were initially designed to be a creative tool but with innovations in technology they have become a creative tool. Computers are quite popular in art today with programs like Photoshop, Final Cut, and many others. These programs are making new forms of art viable and more realistic.

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