• They are taking over our lives!!!!!

    Computers are totally taking over our lives we use them in everyday lives and people are getting square eyes. We use them for: traffic lights, cars/vans/trucks, printers, cash machines, trains, tubes, to buy stuff. Also since recently more people have been looking at a computer all day and not really getting out and doing stuff with their families.

  • Yes They Are

    Not a day goes by that the majority of Americans do not interact with a computer in one way or another. I believe this is a clear indication that we use and depend on technology too much. I believe we should maintain ways to go about our daily business without computers so if our satellites are attacked or the system goes down, we can still continue to function.

  • computers are used far too much.

    I'm a prime example of a person who uses the computer too much. As a matter of fact, I'm on the computer for 12 hours a day sometimes for my freelancing life. The results are neck pain, sore hip flexors, and even a little weight gain while you eat healthy and work out every day.

  • Yes, we are becoming too addicted

    Computers have replaced television sets as the new addiction in our lives, with more and more people spending ridiculous amounts of hours a day being glued to a computer monitor or tablet surfing the internet, watching videos, or using Facebook. It's almost getting to the point where people are no longer engaging in outdoor activities like they used to 20, 30 years ago. Back then, people would spend hours outdoors engaging in dancing, roller skating, and biking. Now very few people do these physical activities, since they've become so addicted to computers.

  • No, they are not.

    Computers are a vastly important thing in most peoples daily lives today. Computers help people have access to much more information and to bring more innovation anywhere. Computers are building a better foundation for a better tomorrow in our world, and to not use them as we do would only see to harm us in a different way.

  • Stop being scared of the machine, already.

    No, I do not believe that computers are used too much on a daily basis. We are a species that has always used technology to make our lives and our daily tasks easier. Simply because that technology is now mainly in the form of a computer is no cause for alarm.

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