• Yes I believe Congress must act to correct this.

    They should enforce higher taxes on the wealthy. It is shameful that the rich are paying very little in taxes. It is a moral issue when so many people are working full time and still in poverty. The middle class bailed out the elite. It is time to return the favor. Congress regulates the minimum wage, and I believe it should be increased.

  • Congress can't dictate wages

    If there is a wage gap in America that is due to gender or socio-economic status, there is little that Congress could or should to correct the gap. There are all sorts of ways to explain a pay gap based on gender that have nothing to do with discrimination, other pay gap are almost certainly the result of a skills gap, which remedy should be left to the educational system.

  • Live and let live.

    No, I do not believe that Congress should do more to address the wage gap in America, because any kind of congressional intervention on that point would lead to unintended consequences. The consequences would be that higher taxes would prevent business owners from hiring new workers. Younger people would lose out on jobs because of prohibitive minimum wage laws.

  • No, Congress should not do more to address the wage gap.

    I do not believe that Congress should have to do more to address the wage gap in America. I think that it isn't something that is important to the overall health of the country. I think that it is something that is only a concern for some political groups and interests.

  • Congress doesn't need to do anything.

    The correct name of the country is the United States. Get it right next time. And no, Congress doesn't need to do more -- or anything, really -- to address the wage gap. It's not their job to force employers that way. This is something that the shareholders of large companies need to address. But since that might impact profits, they won't.

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