• Yes, Millennial Europeans are becoming more conservative than Previous generations

    Millions of young Europeans are becoming more conservative because they see their culture dying because of mass llegal immigration and they don't like that they're paying higher taxation for mass Immigration.

    Statistics have shown that many European millennials are fed up with having mostly part time jobs and not being able to pay for expenses that are needed for their every day lives.

  • Invasion and invasion

    Europeans soon to be minority. They will soon cease to exist, and their culture will be thrown to the trash, also sharia law will be implemented if Europeans don't become conservative, this going be a very decisive decade for the future of European countries. Hopefully everything is done safely and democratically.

  • Yes I believe Europe is becoming a conservative continent.

    Yes I believe Europe is becoming a conservative continent. Poland Is becoming a major European conservatives power in Europe and is the only country to avoid the world recession and is taking the European Union by storm with Donald Tusk who is the EU console presidents And Polands major support for Duda whos a conservative presidential candidate. Also with the UK winning Conservative midterms on the 10th 2015 elections and France ahead with conservative elections I believe that conservative values are spreading across Europe.

  • Yes, I believe conservative views are becoming popular in Europe.

    I think about the recent debt crisis in Europe more and more people are becoming conservative orientated, I think people are realizing that Governments can not spend so much money without their being consequences to it, I think there will be a wave of conservatives being elected across Europe and more fiscally sound policies coming out as a whole.

  • Yes, conservative views are more common in Europe.

    I think that despite Europe still having an overall liberal view on politics and issues, there does seem to be trend that conservative views are starting to be more popular. I think a lot of that has to do with the influx of immigration from other countries. People are starting to become tired of problems caused by liberal politics.

  • In certain cases

    Conservative in Europe means something somewhat different than in the US, where the term is often bogged down by the strangely controversial ideas of gay marriage and abortion etc. In Europe, in the face of economic uncertainty, perceived weakness, and highly visible immigration, conservatism is on the rise in many countries.

  • yes they are

    Yes, I do think that the conservative side of politics is what is taking off over in Europe. In not very long the whole country will be mostly on this view, which is not really a bad thing, and a lot of good can come from them going to it.

  • People seem more progressive

    That is as long as you do not live in the Southern part of the US. I do not live in Europe, so I can't really speak for the people who do. From what I have seen, there economy seems to be going more of a conservative way. Europe seems to be stuck in austerity mode. Their social issues seem ahead of a lot of our social issues, as far as being progressive.

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