Do you believe contemporary European ideals support anti-Roma violence?

  • Yes they do

    Yes, I do feel like the contemporary European ideals are trying to get the Roman people to stop being so violent, and that sooner or later the governments are going to put a stop to what they are doing over there, and that they all just want the drama to end.

  • I believe contemporary European ideals support anti-Roma violence.

    I believe contemporary European ideals support anti-Roma violence. The expansion of the European Union has brought about the question of anti-Roma Violence and has sought to diminish anti-Roma persecution by Europe's Nations. Scholars and Political activists have gathered to discuss actions that would counteract violence towards Roma people living in Europe.

  • Comtemporary Europe is more openminded.

    I think modern Europe would be against anti-Roma violence, or any violence. People are becoming more open minded towards other cultures and people and have a better understanding of others than in the past, and violence is discouraged for the most part, so modern Europe would be more against anti-Roma violence.

  • Yes They Do

    I believe contemporary European ideals support anti-Roma violence. I believe on the whole Europeans are tolerant of their neighbors and understand that some people decide to follow different paths. At the same time the Roma have chosen a lifestyle that is far removed from the norms. So, there are people, as in any society, that will react negatively to these different groups.

  • European ideals support acceptance, not violence.

    I don't think that contemporary ideals in Europe really support anti-Roma violence. Of course, I don't think that there's a lot of actual anti-Roma violence in the first place. In most cases where such violence is reported, further investigation usually reveals that the Roma were the ones who instigated the event.

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