• Yes, they are losing control

    The Kremlin has lost any control that they use to have and the Nationalists movement they created, is all,but gone. The corruption is still there,but the good people want nothing to do with the movement and its finally rearing its head, its only a matter of time before it ends as a whole.

  • Still got it

    Although they have been having a lot of problems here lately, I think that the Kremlin still has a lot of control. They can still easily reverse their problems, by making some smart decisions and speeches to the public, to renew their faith in the job that the Kremlin is doing.

  • They have taken it back.

    No, I do not believe that control has been lost by the Kremlin, because the Kremlin is asserting their power more than they ever have before. The Kremlin has become much more like the Kremlin of the USSR. Putin has been instrumental in insisting that Russia return to the cryptic, secretive power of the old USSR.

  • Control has not be lost by the Kremlin

    Control will never be lost by the Kremlin. Just as we Americans have the CIA, so do the Russians or people in Easter Europe have the underground Kremlin, even though they may be hidden from the public eye. They are still functioning at a level that many people may not be aware of its existence, and that influences many politicians in Europe and other places around the world.

  • No, not at all.

    If anything, the Kremlin now has more control than it has had in the last 15 years or so. With the corruption in Russia and the rigged elections and the officials being planted by powerful people, it is easy to see that the Kremlin has gained power rather than losing it.

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