• Blinded by ignorance

    Those who oppose corporal punishment as a justifiable method must do research on why this tactic works. There are many factors that determine whether corporal punishment is acceptable or not. Also, There are no real evidence linked between physical punishment during one's childhood and crime rates in the future nor are there any evidence of children growing up to be more aggressive with their peers. I'd love for everyone to do more research into this. :)

  • Whipping works - get over it

    I think corporal punishment is good and should be made compulsory and public. I got whipped as a kid and I don't have a problem with it. I think teenagers like me who step out of line should get the whip, like proper old-fashioned with 10. 20, 50 lashes across the back and in public so people could see justice being done. Whipping works - get over it.

  • Yes, corporal punishment is justifiable for a lot of cases

    I think that there are a lot of cases where corporal punishment is justifiable. I think that the topic is a very debated issue with good reason. Some people argue that killing somebody is still unjust regardless of the crime they committed. I, however, have no problem with the death penalty.

  • Not A Supporter

    I have a really hard time justifying corporal punishment, although I'm not going to say it doesn't blatantly work in some scenarios. I know I wouldn't want to be at the other end of corporal punishment, nor would I want my family members to be. I think it's hard to justify because it's morally and ethically very questionable.

  • No I don't see the need for corporal punishment in an educational setting.

    The use of corporal punishment in an educational setting is not justifiable under an condition. The goal of punishment the educational environment is not to inflict pain but to make offenders aware of their mistake and to provide incentive not to repeat the offense. Corporal punishment does not always accomplish this goal.

  • No, Because it's not needed!!!

    I think the crime rates - corporal punishment connection is a bit of a
    stretch. There are many factors that separate Europe and the USA, not
    just corporal punishment. However, I do think that a kid is more likely
    to become a socially healthy human being if he/she is NOT subjected to
    physical violence. It seems straightforward to me, really

  • No, I don't believe corporal punishment is justifiable.

    While corporal punishments puts fear into people and makes them extra attentive for fear of being punished I feel that it is a poor punishment overall, we should be enforcing positively not actively punishing mistakes, overall I believe that all forms of corporal punishment should be outlawed in today's modern age.

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