• Other wise companies are the country

    Countries with less money than companies present a huge problem. I am sure if you add all the companies wealth in said country, they would have more than what the country has on hand. That is really not the problem. The day a single company has more money than a country is when we run into problems. The company could pretty much do anything it wants, because it would have more power than the government.

  • Yes, they should.

    A country is a power controlling a whole nation. They should have more than enough access to money to help the people of the nation and help the nation run well. A company in a country should not surpass the amount of money it's nation holds. This would only serve to show how little the nation is doing for it's people.

  • Countries should have more money than companies.

    Yes, countries should have more money than private companies have. Countries generally provide social and societal services for society. This includes transportation infrastructure, schools, security, health care for the elderly, etc. Private firms typically does not provide these types of services to the greater public. For that reason, countries should be wealthier than companies.

  • Yes, countries should have more companies.

    I do believe that countries should have more money than companies in the sense that it is important that money and funds are available to make the nation and society better. But I do not believe that nations should dictate how successful a company should be allowed to be regardless.

  • They don't need it.

    No, I do not believe that countries should have more money than companies, because countries only need the tax moneys that they collect to run the government. There is little chance that a bunch of Wal Mart employees are going to band together and attack us all. I don't worry about companies having too much money.

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