• For many reasons

    There are many reasons that the courts should be able to shut down strikes since there are a number of very important services that could strike. In the event that an emergency service or something critical for public health and safety, or, in the event that organized crime is involved.

  • Not Labor strikes

    It is people's right to strike against their employer if they feel they are not being treated fairly. That does not always mean they are going to win. It was like the grocery store strike and they just found other workers to replace their old workers. The courts can feel free to stop the government from shutting down though. Especially, when it is over a political stunt.

  • Only in some cases

    Only if the job is a vital service such as police, firefighters, EMT's ....etc. I feel the right to strike prevents places from exploiting workers and having the courts shut down strikes would worry me. I'd rather see the judges force both sides to the table and mediate than shut down a strike and back the business

  • No, courts shouldn't be able to shut down strikes.

    I do not believe that courts should have the power to shut down strikes. I think giving courts such a power would be dangerous thing for society and the people who support democracy. The ability for people to strike is a freedom everybody should appreciate in the United States of America.

  • Courts Should have No Say

    The Courts should have no rights in order to stop strikes. I believe that companies alone are the only ones that should be able to finalize differences with employees that do strike. If courts are aloud to stop strikes then employees as a right to stand up for themselves and fight a corporation is just wrong. Sometimes the little man needs to be heard.

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