• Yes, Creativity is not just limited to any specific area

    Creativity is a idea that can be applied to psychology, cognitive science, education, philosophy and many other fields. It manifests and becomes useful to many different areas of study and is not limited to just one area. The creative ability is accessible to all humans and is a way for us all to solve every day problems.

  • Creativity can take all forms.

    Creativity can definitely take any and all forms. Creativity does not only take place in entertainment. It can occur in simples things such as trying to make daily tasks easier or making some people happier. I think that creativity can be something people resort to, to solve any of life's problems.

  • That is humanity.

    Yes, I believe that creativity can take any and all forms, because humans are naturally creative. A person can be creative by adding their own finishing touches on what is available. The human spirit is creative no matter where it is. Each person's mind is as unique as the person is themselves. Creativity can take any form.

  • Creativity can take any and all forms.

    Creativity can take any and all forms. That is what makes it so great because we can all be creative in our own way. If creativity was to cease then we would not have anything new from its use. I think everybody can use it and come up with their own ideas.

  • Any Medium Possible

    The artist Robert Rauschenberg stands as a primary example of art being everywhere. He would literally pull out garbage in his poorest times and make amazing works of art that challenged the very idea of creativity. The human mind is beautiful and can look at any object and give it a value that challenges their mind.

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