• Yes to protect people

    The congress in the United States of America should make some cyber security things mandated for companies that operate here in the United States of America. So we can prevent certain things from happening again like that of the recent Target event that took so much information from many people.

  • Yes, cyber-security mandates are important.

    I definitely think that cyber-security mandates are important to the industry. With more and more of the world depending on the Internet, more and more of everybody's lives will be processed on the World Wide Web. That is why it is important to make sure that cyber-security is most efficient.

  • We need rules.

    Cyber-security mandates are necessary. With today's rapid development of technology, the law makers are simply unable to keep up. There has got to be security and intervention or else we will all have our identities stolen. Only the large criminal industries would remain without cyber-security. Some things need to be regulated.

  • Cyber Security Mandates are important

    I believe that cyber-security mandates are important to the online community. In today's society a vast majority of people do any number of things to which they would expect the utmost privacy. Such as banking and shopping. Without those mandates, many of the convienences we take for granted like online banking and online shopping would have to go away.

  • Yes, cyber-security mandates are important to industry.

    At first glance, cyber-security mandates are redundant. It seems obvious that it is in a company's own best interest to protect its own infrastructure from attack. However, different companies will value risk differently. One may believe that protection from 95% of conceivable attacks is worth $2 million, while another may believe that 90% protection for $1 million is a better investment. When it comes to industries like energy or defense, it is simply too important to our national security to leave this decisions to the companies alone, because profit generation is their primary imperative.

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